Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine (also called crawler shot blasting machine) is the most universal and cost-effective shot blasting machine.

You can choose rubber belt for workpiece of normal temperature and weight. For hot or heavy duty workpiece, steel belt is more suitable.

Suitable Surface Preparation:
Cleaning, strengthening (peening), polishing, roughening
Suitable Industry:
Foundry, forge, heat treatment, steel fabrication, general manufacturing and other metalworking industry.
Suitable Workpiece:
Tumble belt shot blasting machine is especially designed for small tumble-proof workpiece.
Typical Application:
Deburring, desanding, descaling, derusting, cleaning, decoring, deflashing, corrosion removal, cosmetic finishing, internal cleaning, paint stripping, preparation for painting, bonding and plating, grinding, roughening, surface texturing, shot peening, stress peening, reconditioning, etc.
Key Feature:
Compact design
Full coverage of all workpiece surfaces to the blast stream
Multiple machine sizes and variations available for different workpiece
High efficiency, long service life with low maintenance and less running cost

Following shows general specifications of standard tumble belt shot blasting machine:

Productivity (t/h)0.6-1.21.5-2.51.5-2.5
Loading capacity (kg)200200600
Max. weight per workpiece (kg)101530
Blast wheel quantity111

A typical tumble belt shot blasting machine includes following parts:

Loading & Unloading Device
Automatic and manual loading & unloading device are optional.
Automatic loading device is container driven by hydraulic system.
A conveyor belt outside will transfer workpiece unloaded from reversing belt inside of blasting chamber to following processing.
Automatic loading and unloading make it almost continuous process.

Blasting Chamber
Blasting chamber housing is made of wear-resistant steel plate.
Manganese steel guard plate is equipped in blasting chamber.
Excellent material with high toughness is durable enough to guarantee long service life.

Blast Wheel
Blast wheel is key part of shot blasting machine.
Blade & Impeller are made of high hardness material to get long service life.
With dynamic dimulation design, abrasive stream will leave the turbine with high speed and best direction to cover more surfaces of workpiece.
That allows for short treatment time, high performance and a superior blast process.

Abrasive Cycle System
Abrasive cycle system includes crosswise screw conveyor, bucket elevator, separator, abrasive silo, etc.
That works coordinately with blast wheel to keep dynamic balance.
Used abrasive and fines fall on crosswise screw conveyor by abrasive collection hopper under the blast chamber and then are delivered to bucket elevator bottom.
Bucket elevator lifts it up to separator.
In separator, used abrasive is separated from fines and contaminants by screen filtering and ventilation filtering, and returned to the abrasive silo.
From abrasive silo, that will be distributed to blast wheel and reused for blasting.

★ Dust Collection Device
Fan sucks dust into dust collection device.
Dust will be collected by gravity and other dust collector.
That will keep abrasive tidy and guarantee dust does not pollute environment.

Electric Control Unit
Electric control unit is brain of shot blasting machine, including PLC, touch screen, etc.
That will control all units working coordinately and stops machine if any emergency happens.
Machine can work on manual mode or automatic mode.
All components are international famous brand or China top brand.

Working Principle:
① Load work piece on belt in blasting chamber by automatic loading device or manually. Close door.
② Blast wheel gives angular hit of abrasive to turning and rolling workpiece on rotating belt . Meanwhile, abrasive cycle system keeps delivering abrasive from chamber bottom to blast wheel. And dust collection device keeps separating dust from used abrasive to make it clean.
③ When set time is up, all devices stop working. Open door. Reverse belt to unload work piece in container or on conveyor belt.
④ Another processing period starts from step 1.

All above information is based on standard tumble belt shot blasting machine.
Some details may also be changed without notice.
You can reach us by email for customized machine or latest specifications.
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