Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine

Single Table Shot Blasting Machine, Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine, Table Type Shot Blasting Machine

Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine is a very simple and economical shot blasting machine. That is ideal solution for precise or fragile part, as no workpiece collision during processing.

Workpieces are loaded on rotary table. Abrasive flow from blast wheels, keeps shooting on rotary workpieces to cover all surfaces and directions. With proper processing period, satisfied surface quality is achieved finally.

A typical rotary table shot blasting machine normally includes rotary table unit, blast wheel, blast chamber, abrasive recycle unit, dust collector, control unit and so on.


Following lists general specifications of reference rotary table shot blasting machine.

As non-standard machine, all units can be customized as request or based on actual working condition.

ITEM Q3512 Q3518 Q3525
Table dia. (mm) 1200 1800 2500
Loading capacity (kg) 500 800 1000