For most metalworking industries like foundry or forge, shot blasting machine is necessary and important equipment. That will help to finish surface preparation such as cleaning, strengthening (peening), polishing and roughening. Then workpiece goes for further process like painting or coating.

A right choice will finish that job with satisfied processing effect, high efficiency and reasonable cost. This article will guide to evaluate shot blasting machine with four factors.

4 Factors Lead To Choosing Right Shot Blasting Machine

>> Workpiece <<

Different workpieces are suitable to be processed by different shot blasting machines.

Following lists typical machines with suitable workpieces accordingly.

Hanger type shot blasting machine: Medium and large workpiece / fragile workpiece

Tumble belt shot blasting machine: Small and medium workpiece / tumble-proof workpiece

Drum type shot blasting machine: Small and medium workpiece / tumble-proof workpiece

Rotary table shot blasting machine: Small and medium workpiece / fragile workpiece

Some other machines are particularly developed for special workpieces, like pipe shot blasting machine, preservation line, gas cylinder shot blasting machine and wire rod coil shot blasting machine. They can usually have outstanding performance in specific field.

Most professional suppliers can also provide custom-designed solution according to workpiece and other conditions.

>> Efficiency <<

Generally there are two types of shot blasting machines, batch type and continuous type.

Compared with batch type shot blasting machine, continuous type machine can provide higher efficiency experience. That can keep processing all time without stop for workpiece loading or unloading.

Even for batch type machine, there are also some options to increase efficiency. For example, user can choose hanger type shot blasting machine with two hooks, which will achieve processing and loading or unloading at same time. That can be also equipped with automatic feeding device and carrying hook with chain hoist

For tumble belt shot blasting machine, automatic loading and unloading devices are also available.

>> Space <<

Different shot blasting machines take different space. Usually batch type machine is compact and takes less space. While continuous type machine take more installation space.

In addition, some machines also require to prepare pit in plant before installation.

>> Budget <<

For any purchase case, budget is definitely a most important element. Usually automatic machine is more expensive. But at same time, that usually also means less labor cost, lower running expense and maintenance cost. So user will have to balance cost, efficiency and some other relevant factors to make final decision.

Above four factors largely determine suitable shot blasting machine for user.

As non-standard equipment, full and effective communication is critically important between supplier and user. That will help supplier to understand user’s request and condition better. So that user will get machine what they really need.

How to choose right shot blasting machine ? Hope you have your own right answer now.